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Help create the largest open educational resource in the world for flipped classroom content where teachers can create, find and share playlists with the best educational digital content in any subject, year or language.

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As a teacher you create you own flipped classrooms by reusing existing flips made by other teachers or by building your own playlists consisting of videos, instructions and quizzes that you then share with your students.

Watch the Progress

Watch and track your students progress. See what videos they have watched and how well they seem to understand their subject.

Student Satisfaction

Your students will be able to view your videos, test their knowledge and track their progress with our free to use app. Megalessons enable them to effortlessly keep track of what they need to do and when they need to do it.

Flipping the classroom means helping your students to succeed

"By flipping my classroom the students not only became more engaged, they also learned better!"

- Melinda Pearson, Ohio